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System Integration and Secondary Development Kit
ViiTALK's API and SDK provide easy-to-use interfaces for developers to rapidly integrate or embed with its cloud-based video conference system.
By the use of ViiTALK's conference system, the video conferencing hosting, meeting participation, remote collaboration,
and conference call can be achieved easily.
Open Source Communication Platform
ViiTALK Cloud-based Video Conference System is a developing programmable conference system which allows software and
hardware developers to proceed the secondary development and final customization.By integrating the ViiTALK API and SDK,
developers are capable of implementing all the video conferencing associated functions in no time.
Open Source Platform, Fast Integration
Cross-platform: Commercial large screen displays, personal computers, and smartphones.
Supported operating systems: Android, IOS, Windows, web browser, and WeChat Mini program.
iOS & Android Mobile Terminal Customization
Windows PC client customization
and Web Browser embedding
All-In-One TV Terminal Customization