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Commercial Video Conferencing Solutions
for Education Industry
ViiTALK's cloud-based video conferencing solution offers online distance teaching, synchronous courses,
live broadcasting, AI and other solutions to education institutes by the use of its independent HD video
communication technology. In helps improve the educational resource balance in rural areas.
ViiTALK's Advantages in Teaching Development
Interactive Education
Constructing multimedia learning,
bidirectional teaching, improved course outlines, and resources sharing.
Teaching Expanding
By the use of instant video communication to make up for the gap in rural area teaching and enhance educational development.
Interaction between Home and School
By the use of the instant video communication to deliver the online class consultation and remote family visit.
Interactive Online Distance Course
ViiTALK's cloud-based video conference system achieves online distance teaching in a fast and economical way. It eliminates the boundary of time and location thus allowing students and people in rural areas can learn and share their desktops, documents, videos with others at their convenience. The service meets the requirements of various teaching material formats and teaching interaction in all directions.
One-on-One Online Lesson
With the convenience brought by 5G telecommunication and the use of ViiTALK's video conference system, the education institutions, online schools, and famous teachers around the world can offer real-time cross-area, one-stop, one-to-many and interactive education programs.
Online Teaching and Studying
By the use of ViiTALK's instant cloud-based video communication system, teachers from multiple locations can share their teaching materials online in a distance learning seminar without the boundaries of time and place.