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Video Conferencing Solutions for Telehealth
ViiTALK's integrated video communication service provides considerable development and application for
telehealth, allowing medical professionals to offer healthcare services such as remote diagnosis, health condition
tracking, and nursing regardless of the time and location limitation. It also increases the rational allocation of
medical resources. The solution significantly reduces the associated cost and improves efficiency.
ViiTALK's Advantages in Telehealth industry
Improved Remote Patient Care Service
By the instant video communication
service, the hospital staff is able to speed up Communication with caregivers.
Maximized Medical Resources
Extending medical service and remote diagnostic improve the medical resource shortage in the remote areas.
Internal Communication Boosting
Instant and real-time remote collaborations and medical demonstrations with health care teams.
Remote Medical Care and Consultation
ViiTALK's remote medical solution allows the medical organizations to interconnect with patients in the rural area by the HD video quality and high interactive video technologies to improve the efficiency and quality during the consultation and medical treatment.
Telehealth Communication
ViiTALK's HD video conference system transforms the way medical professionals communicate. It helps the cross-nation medical care team and specialists to collaborate over the real-time video while coordinates their approach to individual cases.
Empower Physician Collaboration
Consultation Communication is available by video conferencing between physicians. With the real-time data transmission, physicians can read the medical record, X-ray film, or inspection report to proceed with the diagnostics and discussion.