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Commercial Video Conferencing Solutions
ViiTALK offers fast and convenient video conferencing solutions to realize superior HD online
video conferencing and collaboration within the enterprise. No need to buy costly equipment,
set up private line or maintain by professionals.
ViiTALK's Advantages in Commercial Video Conferencing
Enhance Productivity
HD video conferencing fits a variety of applications.
Low-cost, High-efficiency
No expensive equipment or private line required. Just connect to the web, the HD video conferencing is ready for use.
Extend Customer Service
Through instant video communication, customers' satisfaction and engagement can be realized.
Remote Cross-Department
By ViiTALK's HD Video Conferencing system, enterprises are capable of communicating with customers and cross-department colleagues so as to lower the travel cost.
Instant Screen Sharing
ViiTALK's powerful screen sharing feature casts the document and presentation files to a large screen display enabling a rapid sharing with conference attendees and improve the meeting efficiency.
Cross-Region Conference
By the use of ViiTALK's video conference system, a group video conferencing can be setup and hosted anytime, anywhere and the new participant is able to join rapidly. This helps enhance enterprise cross-department communication and improve productivity.